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The Road to Bali.

Bali, Indonesia.

sunny 32 °C

Bali. What a place. More specifically - Legian, Bali. Just north of Kuta, away from the ever-crowded zone for trendy tourists, backpackers and many things like a Hard Rock Cafe, Pizza Hut, McDonald's that IS Kuta... you get the picture.

Derek and I are loving it though... you realize after being here for some time that the chaos is actually organized. The people are all-round fantastic in Indonesia, some of the most genuine people I've ever met. You can actually sit down with a stranger and have a "heart to heart". Plus they are beautiful (inside and out). We've seen a few tourists (will not name nationalities as this will only confirm a few stereotypes) who have just been plain ignorant and rude to the locals... I mean... come on! These people are probably working on their 4th or 5th language, (English is not even an official language here) and tourists are upset because they mispronounce a word or need to think for a second on the answer... there was one man who was so rude to a man who operated a tour company that when he left, I talked to the poor man about how not all tourists are like that as he had tears in his eyes... and he was only being nice to the man whose first language was English, and I would bet, did not know a second language.

To get here from the Gigli's was extremely painless and included a fast boat from Gigli Trawangan (1 hour on the fast boat with A/C, water, bathroom vs. 8 hours on the regular ferry - I'll pass on the 'bunk beds in the basement option' and seasickness this time). We paid $50 each for the fast boat (I struggled to part ways with that money but it was definitely worth it). Next stop, Padang Bai port where we met a shuttle bus who took us to Kuta, Bali (2 1/2 hours or so). Once we landed, we grabbed our bags and headed towards Legian which is the less crowded option to Kuta. After walking up the narrow streets off the main road, we found a great hotel (Rosani, $35/night) and stayed there for the past week - it had a pool, breakfast everyday included, A/C in the rooms, TV... we were living like royalty! We decided to splurge a little on these last few weeks... it's so nice after budget travelling for 3 months.

So. What have we been up to since settling in here? Surfing every other day... beach... pool... cafes... exploring this area a bit more... basically to sum it up - relaxing. A lot. It's really nice. Although my strapless top - as great as it is for tanning and just looking great on the beach (haha) - is not ideal for:

-Surfing (unless wearing the special surf shirt)
-Body surfing
-Beach sports
-Waving to people
-High fiving
-Exercising, any type

But man, I have an awesome tan. So it's worth it... right? Girls... just bring a few other tops (I did but hadn't learned from the snorkeling incident).

Also, if you are going to surf, buy the shirt (or rent) and make sure you have appropriate bottoms. My bottoms were NOT cutting it and a couple times I was stuck riding the surf board in, yet again, giving the people "behind" me a show. Soon after, I had quit for the day and returned to the beach where Derek was doubled over laughing because, apparently, he also had seen my "misery on a surfboard routine".

That's another thing I have learned... I am not the soaring angel I thought I was on a surfboard... I'm a dying cow. Only imagine this on water. It's not pretty. Thank god I already had those 'uber professional-looking' surfing pictures taken. They will not happen again. Derek on the other hand, is a complete natural with water. I guess his 3 years experience surfguarding + many years of swimming have coupled into a very impressive surfing experience. He was up on the board the first time he touch it... ugh... don't you just despise those people? Who are great at everything on the first try? Haha I'm kidding. I love him, but was quite jealous of natural affinity for water sports. Before I knew it, he was out with the 'big boys' catching some larger waves... then... he was at the shore trying to put his lead on his ankle... and the board popped up and hit him in the face. He didn't turn around so I knew we was trying to be manly about it. I couldn't stop laughing... good thing he didn't see me or he might think I was insensitive! That is how us Michael's tend to react to pain... we laugh (as my sister can tell you).

We have 1 week left... wow. Our LAST week of this unbelievable trip... now to switch things up from 'this reality' to another reality for a while... we're getting really excited now about seeing everyone on PEI. Then Derek and I are moving to London, ON at the end of August so another adventure to come!

Will do another entry before we leave next Monday for Bangkok.

Laurie :)

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